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The AIIG is founded on the dream to be realized, of African Economies achieving broad-base economic growth, contributed by all citizens, with equitable access to its fruits. Such a world requires policies, institutions and production space that are consciously designed to include the hitherto excluded. Much research has been carried out on issues of African development, but these are published in international journals that are far from the reach of policy stakeholders and too technical to be translated into policy. The capacity to both design policies and preempt the impact on inclusivity must be an integral part of development endeavors.


The mission of the AIIG is to provide evidence-based research, translating into policies, ensuring effective implementations  preempting and countering externalities on the wellbeing of the poor. This requires studies that bridge existing gaps, designing of evidence-based policies, building capacities of, and partnering with stakeholders in advocacy,  effective monitoring & evaluation and impact assessment of policies and development interventions.


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