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Green Book –The economic effects of climate change on settlements

The projections of the effect of climate change in Africa have painted a picture, not only of significant economic losses, but also of the potential to significantly alter economic structure. Certain sectors are projected to expand in certain localities, such as mining in most of Mpumalanga and the water sector in most of the country. 

Unpacking effectiveness of lockdowns in African countries

Prof. Nicholas Ngepah on IMF, World Bank meetings

Fuel price hikes in South Africa in 2017

African Economic Research Consortium

#BBCSummit which addressed radical economic transformation.

'You can’t just wake up in the morning, declare lockdown...

consider poor counties first for non-pharmaceutical measures

Why lockdowns don’t work in South Africa 29 July 2021

Why lockdown in Africa doesn’t work

In an African pandemic it is more productive to consider lockdowns, after using other non-medical measures first.